Fort Greely Soldiers Conduct Artillery Training

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Earlier this year, we showed you what it's like to fight as an infantry solider.
But tonight, we bring out the big guns.
Julia Laude takes us out to Fort Greely to see what artillery training is like.

Hiding in the hills of the Delta Training Area, the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, participates in combat like simulations.

Now that these soldiers have completed their training it's time for the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Field Artillery unit from Fort Wainwright to take its turn.

This automatic battalion, is preparing for readiness, to be called on a moment's notice.
And with crunchy snow under combat boots, these soldiers are truly Arctic Warriors.

Major Zachary Peterson; battalion Executive Officer>>"So this is the perfect training opportunity for us. We are the Army's premier Arctic capability unit and so we have to be out here to practice our craft in every situation we can in order to be able to go and fight the night if that's the case, wherever the call would be. So we love the snow, we love the cold. We have all of the equipment we need to maintain our capabilities so this great training opportunities for us."

For Specialist Jordan Schmidt, his love for the snow, is not the only thing about training he enjoys.

Specialist Jordan Schmidt; 3rd Section, 2nd Cannonier>>"I really enjoy being a 13 Bravo. I didn't think I would but it's fun. I enjoy Army life. It's a great commodity. I have a lot of good brothers and sisters in the Army."

And even I got to take part in the action.

Reporting from Fort Greely, this is Julia Laude.