First woman ever hired as Fairbanks International Airport manager

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With road construction finished for the season, we shift gears and highlight a big first for the Fairbanks International Airport. For years the title of manager at the Fairbanks International Airport has been held by a man. Angie Spear has changed that tradition. She explains how it feels to be selected for this position, and how it came to be.

"I am actually very proud to be the first female. I am also the first positions that was ever an airport employee that was promoted. All political appointments are made by the governor's administration, so this particular political appointment obviously was made by Governor Walker himself, but there were also a lot of other participants, the Commissioner for the Department of Transportation, the Deputy Commissioner of Aviation, as well as the Governors Aviation Advisory Board and the Airline Affairs Committee Stakeholders," she said.

Spear has worked for the airport for 13 years and talks about what it means to be in this role.

"So, I am responsible for the functions of the Fairbanks International Airport. The airport includes an airport operations department, a maintenance department both buildings and field maintenance. It also includes a police and fire department, a communications center and administrative office, as well as many other positions at the airport. It is approximately 100 employees."

The main focus of her new position is on air service and land development, and she's excited and honored to be the first woman ever in this position.