Farmers Loop Resurfacing Project Begins Monday Night

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You may have delays on your evening commute, starting tonight, if you travel on Farmers Loop Road.

DOT will begin it's 'Farmers Loop Resurfacing and Signal Interconnect Project,' starting with Alumni Drive and College Road to Tanana Loop.
Hours of operation for this section are 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Once complete, work will then move to the stretch of road from Tanana Loop to Auburn Drive, and will move to daytime hours, which will be 8 AM to 10 PM.

Workers will remove and reconstruct the asphalt surface on the road and bike path, as well as work on improving lighting and traffic signals.

This construction project is federally funded, with the contract set at $13 million dollars, and is expected to last through October 31st.

DOT spokeswoman, Meadow Bailey, says drivers should expect short delays and loose gravel.
They should watch for lane restrictions, flaggers, and pilot car operations as well.

"People who are driving should expect to have some waits, there isn't an alternative route so there's not really a detour route you can go through, the project area, there will be some minimal delays. There will be longer delays when we're replacing the pavement so as the pavement needs to go down it will be warm and then it will have to cool and during that time there will be slightly longer delays but for the most part if should be fairly short delays, they should expect to see pilot cars and some flaggers. There will be detour routes for the bike path though."