Family from lower 48 runs in Midnight Sun Race

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Midnight Sun Run brings many visitors to Fairbanks every summer, and this year was no exception.
What began two years ago, has brought the Ledeboer Family to the last frontier and to the annual fun run.
Heather and Trent Ledeboer with their children, have now traveled to all 50 states.

"What better way to spend the first few days here enjoying the summer solstice, the longest days of the year and we thought what a fun thing to do with the kids and a way to celebrate the sun never going down," father Trent Ledeboer said.

After a trip to California the family decided Alaska would be their next stop and son Tanner said he’s excited.

“So far Alaska has just been a unique experience and I'm really liking it as a state,” he said.

This will also be the first marathon the family has participated in.
Mother Heather Ledeboer jokes that the family’s training has been chasing the sun, “We're just hoping to cross that line together with smiles on our faces and make a fun memory."

These explorers have already stopped in Skagway but plan to travel throughout the state, heading to Denali then to South central after some time in the Interior.