Fairbanskans Remember Those Lost to Addiction

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A group of Fairbanks residents walked last night in honor of their lost loved ones.

Debra Babcock; Event Coordinator>>"Hugh Rocco, Duwayne, Kevin Magnussen, Lucinda, Ellie, Tonya, Summer..."

The 'Remembering Those Lost to Addiction' event began with a walk that started at Cowles and 1st Avenue, and ended at the Noel Wien library.
The annual event, hosted by Debra Babcock, is a chance for family members to gather in a safe place to discuss and grieve for their lost loved ones.
The group gathered in the library auditorium, where names of those from Wasilla, Anchorage, and Fairbanks who died from addiction last year were read out loud.
After a few people got up to talk about their experiences, Babcock took to the podium, again, to share her son's battle with addiction.

Debra Babcock; Event Coordinator>>"I put him in the ambulance several times before he even reached 18. He ended up with a mental illness, schizophrenia. But was he destined to have schizophrenia first, or was it the addiction that caused it. You can read both ways if you research it, it says both things. All of our children, all of our people, all of our loved ones in their addiction are still wonderful people that we love. And I wanted to do this for other people, because then I could share with them and they could share with me if they want to, and we can just know that we're all in this together."