Fairbanks shoppers wake up early, score deals for Black Friday

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Friday after Thanksgiving is well known for early morning shoppers, limited parking spaces and of course the discounts. This year was no exception.

One young girl said, "My alarm went off and we were up. I'm not going to lie."

In the early morning hours, shoppers made their way to stores around Fairbanks to take advantage of the instant savings that come with Black Friday deals. Many stores offer early morning incentives, such as major discounts and gifts to go along with purchases. Steve Johnson the Market Manager with Big Rays says the first few hours are not only busy for discount shoppers, but for retailers as well.

"Usually the first couple of hours is pretty chaotic, after that it kind of mellows out and it's just a nice constant busy day," he said.

Across town at Fred Myers West, one family gave an insight on what they think people are looking to buy.

"Electronics, I think those go by really quickly. Everyone hoards up and see's what's the best deal, and boom, everyone goes for it," a member of the Pulse family said.

When asked what draws them to Black Friday.

"We love it. Its kind of a traditional thing. We get up, we come over and we do black Friday. Just to start our holidays off right, our Christmas holiday season," they said.

So even with the fresh snow, traffic, long lines, nothing has deterred shoppers from making the trip to be a part of the biggest shopping day of the year.