Fairbanks schools annual History Day competition comes to a close

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Students from across Fairbanks participated in the annual History Day competition this week.
Poster boards, cardboard rockets, and Blockbuster signs were on display at Pioneer Park Friday. Students received awards for their 'History Day' projects, a nationwide competition hosted locally by UAF's history department.
"Putting 'History Day' on is a community wide effort and we are really grateful to all of our sponsors and to Mary Ann and Ted Fathauer who helped make it possible," said Terrence Cole, Emeritus Professor of History - UAF.
Many volunteers and around 70 judges helped the competition become a reality...With students competing in groups- and individually- for categories including, exhibits, essays and websites.
Junior Jake Wade has placed seven times , this year being his first win. He won the individual website category for his project on Fritz Haber who discovered a way to extract nitrogen from the air for fertilizer to help grow crops. Wade says Haber's method supports around two thirds of the world's population today.

"I love to find little stories that no one really knows but they are super important and I go through and I research them and I find all kinds of little connections to other things and I just love kind of sharing the little things that no one knows about that have a major impact," said Wade.

Whether through cardboard or keyboards, these projects help the students learn the importance of history, the stories they tell and the impact it leaves today.