Fairbanks man threatens pedestrians, vehicles with realistic BB handgun

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska At approximately 5:00PM Wednesday night Fairbanks Police Officers responded to calls that a man was in the intersection of Rewak and University, threatening vehicles and pedestrians with a firearm.

Several calls related to the incident were received by the department, many of them saying that callers left the area in fear of their lives. According to witnesses at the scene, at one point, the suspect pointed the firearm at a group of children on bicycles.

Responding officers formed a perimeter and gave commands to drop the weapon. The suspect immediately complied and officers were able to detain the suspect without further issues.

Once the gun was recovered it was determined to be a realistic looking .177 caliber BB handgun.

Nunzio Dacquisto III, 41, was taken to the Fairbanks Correctional Center on two counts of assault in the third degree.

If you witnessed this incident or were threatened FPD is asking you to contact Detective Rob Hall at 907-459-6800 or rhall@fairbanks.us.