Fairbanks man faces charges of robber, vehicle theft, assault

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Another local man is facing counts of robbery, vehicle theft and assault, among other charges. Lawrence McMullen Jr. was arraigned in Fairbanks Superior Court on multiple counts.

Fairbanks police responded to a report that a man was assaulted on October 29. Documents state, McMullen jumped in front of his father's truck near the Alaska Motor Inn on South Cushman. After getting in the vehicle and demanding he be driven to a residence off 27th Avenue, McMullen reportedly began punching his father. Once they arrived to the area of 27th Avenue, McMullen allegedly pulled his father from the truck and began punching and kicking him. McMullen is then said to have stolen the truck.

He was arrested two days later after a high speed chase ended with the truck running out of gas.