Fairbanks Woman Charged With Attempted Murder Suspected of Killing Stepbrother

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Troopers apprehended 35-year-old Lindsey Preshaw just hours after Fairbanks police put out a bulletin seeking information about her whereabouts in relation to a suspected homicide on South Cushman Street.
Troopers say Preshaw stabbed a woman in Ester and stole her vehicle at around 5 p-m, dropping the alleged victim off near Parks Ridge Road.
They say a good Samaritan stopped and helped Preshaw's alleged victim.
First responders took the woman to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where troopers say she is in stable condition.
Troopers say after dropping the victim off, Preshaw wrecked the car and got a ride to Nenana.
Troopers tracked her to the town about 45 miles southeast of Fairbanks and arrested her there.
Preshaw appeared in court today on charges of attempted murder, first-degree assault and vehicle theft.
Shortly after her court appearance on the charges, Fairbanks police announced Preshaw is also the prime suspect in the Tuesday murder of 43-year-old John Preshaw.
They say they're working with the District Attorney's office and will file charges in that case soon.
Lindsey Preshaw was convicted of felony assault in 2013 for stabbing John Preshaw in the leg.
He was also her step brother as well as the father of her two children.