Fairbanks Students Stand In Solidarity With Victims Of Florida Shooting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, students from across the nation - including here in the Fairbanks North Star Borough - have felt empowered to take a stand...
Students from Lathrop High School and Randy Smith Middle School have done just that.
Julia Laude spoke with students and teachers to see what this means to them.
Jeffrey Johnkins; Lathrop High School Senior>>: "I know it's going to be hard to continue forward but hopefully this message helps you walk a little taller, smile a little longer, and feel a little stronger. Remember that you are powerful beyond measure and you can do whatever you put your mind to."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: Lathrop Senior Jeffery Johnkins offers those words of encouragement for the students of Parkland.
Joy Wohlman Boyce; Lathrop Librarian>>: "My principal and some other people had been talking about what we could do to support the efforts down in Florida, way up in Alaska."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: History teacher Diane Rogers of Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, wanted to help her students heal from the horrific event and Lathrop students immediately heeded the call.
Joy Wohlman Boyce; Lathrop Librarian>>: "We received some really beautiful letters."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: Because of a recent weapons at Lathrop, the Florida shooting hit students hard.
Quintiez Hammond; Lathrop Senior>>: "It's not okay, what happened. It shouldn't have to happen anymore. There's been so much killing for no reason. Just blood spilt for no reason. It shouldn't happen."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: Randy Smith students also felt the impact.
Alayna Walker; Student Council President>>: "We walk out for 17 minutes to honor the 17 lives of those massacred at the Parkland, Florida shooting on Valentine's Day."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: Randy Smith had a lockdown of its own recently, when 19-year-old Benjamin Akaran, attempted to enter the school while on the run from local law enforcement after he allegedly shot someone in a nearby neighborhood.
At the student-organized event, participants asked, are we next?
"Keep us safe, keep us safe."
"Let us live, let us live."
Alayna Walker; Student Council President>>: "Lives shouldn't end at school. It's not a place where violence needs to happen and that includes gun violence, that includes any type of violence."
Joy Wohlman Boyce; Lathrop Librarian>>: "From one of our beautiful teachers she writes, 'Sending love and strength from Fairbanks, Alaska. I'm so sorry this happened at your school. We can all be better people to each other every day. Keep striving to make the world a better place. We are with you."
Julia Laude; Reporting>>: This is Julia Laude reporting.