Fairbanks Road Construction Projects Detailed At Chamber Luncheon

The Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce held its weekly luncheon today, and the main topic was construction around Alaska this summer.

Department of Transportation Northern Region Director, Ryan Anderson, spoke about all the projects scheduled for the summer and fall, many of which involve the reconstruction of airports around the western part of the state.
In Fairbanks, the main two projects will be the Noble Street reconstruction, and the widening and reconstruction of the intersection at Geist, University, and Johanson.
Communications Director for the Alaska Department of Transportation, Meadow Bailey, talked about these projects in depth and how they will affect traffic.
She also reminded drivers and pedestrians to stay alert and safe in construction areas.
The next, larger project which will be started later in the season is along Farmers Loop where they will begin replacing culverts; then next year, they'll start repaving the entire length of the road.

"We have a few big projects going on this summer in Fairbanks and so people who have driven downtown have probably already seen Noble Street, that's a big construction project where we have a lot of utility work so we are excavating, replacing all of the utilities in the length of Noble Street and once those utilities are replaced we will come back and pave and put in new sidewalks that will be ADA accessible.
We also have a couple of other projects going on and another big on would be University Avenue and we will be working on the inner section, Johanson, University, and Geist.
There will be a lot of traffic impacts to that but we are really excited to fix that intersection because it does have the highest crash rates in town."