Fairbanks Residents Share Their New Year's Resolutions

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Tis the season for New Year's Resolutions.
Let's follow along as Julia Laude takes us out to see how people are incorporating their 'New Year, new me,' resolutions.
Julia Laude; Reporting>> "As we enter 2018, it's time again to decide on a New Year's Resolution. We've hit the streets to see what Fairbanks residents are working on in the New Year."
Nichole Bottelson; Fairbanks Resident>> "I have two New Year's Resolutions. First and most important, is family, family, family, more time with my family and the second one is getting my finances in line."
Jenny McGe; Fairbanks Resident>> "Personally my New Year's Resolution is to get better grades. I'm in middle school, 7th grade."
Casey Croll; Fairbanks Resident>> "My New Year's Resolution is to be financially stable. It's going to be great. It's going to be good."
Britney Lund; Fairbanks Resident>> "My New Year's Resolution would be to excel in life. I'm pushing a business and I want to make it sore. My business is going to be, it's M.A.D.D. Buddhist car washing and detailing."
Julia Laude; Reporting>> "We even talked to those who can really make a difference."
Mayor Jim Matherly; City of Fairbanks>> "There's several things I want for the city but the number one priority and my New Year's Resolution is going to be working chief Eric Jewks at the police department to bring us up to full staff. We need full staff police to handle the work load we have now and make for a safer community."
Officer Robert Hall; Fairbanks Police Department>> "So for this next year, 2018, we spoke here last summer with the retirement of K9 Stryker, well now I've got K9 Diesel and he is untrained but we're working on it so really for this year my personal goal for this department is, I want to see that this K9 program gets, or the K9 unit get developed and this dog get trained and is able to be used out on the street."
Julia Laude; Reporting>> "Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, this is Julia Laude for News 13."