Fairbanks Reentry Coalition held first graduation for peer support specialists

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Close to 20 peer support specialists graduated from a two week training on how to mentor their peers.

Linda Setterberg, Services Director for the Reentry Coalition, says the program is hoping to target those reentering the community after being incarcerated, as well as those with opioid use disorders.

Setterberg says the main funding source for their program is the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. She believes it's important to have peer support specialists who understand what their peers are going through, in order to give them hope.

"I think because they have the hope factor, so if you have felt like all hope is gone, and then you meet someone who has the same past as you, and they overcame it, then that gives you hope," said Setterberg.

The Reentry Coalition's new center 'The Bridge' that focuses on peer support, held an open house Thursday night at 400 Cushman Street.