Fairbanks Man is key Suspect in Murder

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Joshua Vos, the key suspect in a weekend murder that took place on 21st Avenue in Fairbanks, was arraigned in Anchorage today.
The Fairbanks Police Department responded to a report of a shooting on Saturday June 30th.
When they arrived on scene, 27 year-old Richard Robinson had succumbed to a gun shot.
According to Witnesses, 38 year-old Vos was armed with a handgun when he kicked in the door to the house Robinson was occupying.
Vos is said to have accused Robinson of having relations with his girlfriend - before shooting him one time.
According to FPD, the bullet went through Robinson's arm before entering his chest.
Vos then fled the scene.
FPD originally thought Vos had fled to Delta Junction - but detectives within the department discovered he was in Anchorage.
FPD Detectives say they spoke to Vos while he was Anchorage, and he admitted to shooting Robinson.
The Anchorage Police Department took Vos into custody late Sunday night.
He's being charged with first degree murder.