'Fairbanks Ladies Of Wrestling' Gathering Alaska Fan Base With Unique Entertainment

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This past weekend, Alaska's only all-female wrestling troupe entertained a WILD crowd in downtown Fairbanks.

On a warm summer evening, the Fairbanks 'Ladies of Wrestling' attracted a large audience for their Backyard Brawl in the outside portion of the local drinking establishment, The Big I.

A variety of onlookers watched as Leslie Dope defeated Pandora's Box with a binder full of plans for the city of Pawnee.

Mary Maccabee, also known as the Hebrew Hammer, defeated the pious Sister Agatha Anguish, despite being struck by nun's signature move, the Holy Water Board.

But the match of the evening was the championship fight between Cindiana Jones and Freya the Slaya.
Jones and Slaya pulled out all the stops with such moves as the top rope cross body and the clothes line, using an actual rope.

But the match didn't end without controversy when the owner of the franchise, Gash Money, jumped into the ring, knocking out the referee, thereby clinching the championship win for Slaya.

Amanda Brennan discussed this controversial win with Cindiana Jones and Freya the Slaya after the match.

Amanda Brennan, Reporting:
"Oh, my!"

Freya The Slaya, Fairbanks Ladies of Wrestling:
"This pitiful loser is Cindiana Jones."

Cindiana Jones, Fairbanks Ladies of Wrestling:
"I wouldn't say that."

Amanda Brennan:
"Cindiana Jones, everyone. Cindiana Jones."

Cindiana Jones:
"Put that down! It belongs in a museum! Put that down! Put that down! I would say that they cheated. I was sabotaged by Gash Money, our owner."

Amanda Brennan:
"I saw that, so Gash Money came in the ring and hit the referee with a Corona bottle?"

Freya The Slaya:
"I mean, you could say that, or you could say that the ref tripped and fell into a Corona bottle. You could also say that Cindiana Jones is a sore loser."

Amanda Brennan:
"Do you want to comment on that, Cindiana Jones?"

Cindiana Jones:
"Absolutely. That ref was knocked out, cold. I was the only one to check on that ref, and she was knocked out, cold when I was about to get the pin."

"This is Amanda Brennan, and I'm just gonna... I'm just gonna sign off. Alright, have a good night."