Fairbanks Housing and Homeless Coalition Held a Symposium Bringing New Ideas to the Interior

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Inside The Westmark Gold Room, The Fairbanks Housing And Homeless Coalition Hosted Part Two Of A Symposium, With The Topic Of Discussion On Assertive Community Treatment And Intensive Case Management.

"These are both programs that have been around 30-40 years. The only place in all of Alaska that have them are in Anchorage, so we brought up the folk that are doing it, to talk about how they are doing it. Then we also brought up some National speakers, to talk about how it's done elsewhere in the country," said Mike Sanders Coordinator for the Fairbanks Housing and Homeless Coalition

Sanders Says These Two Models Are Behavioral Health Delivery Systems.

"Alot of times they are used for folks that are experiencing homelessness, like if someone is out in an encampment, and they are not likely to make an appointment with say Fairbanks Community Mental Health, or some other place, an ACT or an ICM team would actually provide those services to that person wherever they were at," He said.

He says 70-80 percent of act or ICM's contacts are done within the community.

"And the goal is to bring people in and to build that repoire so that they can get housing and get back on tier feet," said Sanders.

Anchorage Currently Has An ACT Team That Works Throughout The City And He Says Fairbanks Is Looking To Learn From Their Models And Develop One Based On Fairbanks' Needs.

"This is something that we can do, you know a lot of times people focus on what we don't have, well this is something that we could have, and should have for our community," Said Sanders.

Many Organizations Participated In The Event With The Hopes Of Gaining More Knowledge To Better Help Provide Services To The Fairbanks Community And Its Residents.