Fairbanks Hosts Tree Lighting With Songs, Holiday Spirit

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - J.R. Lewis; MC for event >> "In the spirit of Christmas, community, family, and children, the Carol H. Brice Family Center Board of directors hosts this annual ceremonial lighting of the children's Christmas Tree which is right here in front of City Hall. The celebration started with Carol Brice and Blanche Brunk in December of 1979 when the resource center for parent and children moved into the Nerland House at 9th and Cushman and the wanted to commemorate the occasion by doing something special for the kids. Military personnel from Fort Wainwright donated this tree by placing it here, and it is not a decoration, it is alive, in front of the building that is now Fairbanks City Hall where it stands today. "

Karl Kassel; Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor >> "Fairbanks is such a great town and this is the time of year I think we really shine and we are going to shine a little more here in just a couple minutes when that tree lights. So thanks for being here and helping us kick off the season."

Jim Matherly; Fairbanks City Mayor >> "This is a fantastic time of year. It is my favorite growing up here in Fairbanks I couldn't wait for December, now here I am, your Mayor, and I get to help celebrate it with the lighting of this beautiful children's Christmas Tree, I want to thank the Carol Brice Family Center for helping us put this on. We had some wonderful music as you showed earlier tonight and lots of citizens here to celebrate Christmas with Hot Chocolate."

Event Attendee >> "I am feeling really cold and I am happy because this candy and hot coco is really good and I got to see Santa"

Rhiannon Walker >> "Did you like seeing Santa?
2nd Attendee >> Yeah.
RW >> What did you ask for for Christmas?
A >> A new iPhone X."