Fairbanks' Free Pregnancy Center Helps Women, Families

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We took a look at one of the facilities in town providing resources to pregnant women. For over 25 years the Fyndout Free Pregnancy Center has been helping families across the Interior answer some of the questions that come with pregnancy. The non-profit agency offers pregnancy tests, resource information and limited ultra sounds to women who are in their first trimester.

Emily Johnston, the medical supervisor at Fyndout, spoke what she observes during an ultrasound.

"Three main things we are looking for is the baby in the uterus, where it is supposed to be, which is very important. It is sometimes rare but the baby can be developing outside the uterus, which can be a very dangerous condition. We are looking at the heartbeat, to see if we can see the heartbeat, and if we can measure that to see if it is in a normal range. And then we are also looking at the size of the baby, then we can measure usually the length of the baby and determine how far along they are," she said.

Johnston says, they also offer other resources such as parenting and breastfeeding classes, and there are ways to earn what they call "care cash," which can help mothers out with diapers, wipes and other goods.

"It can be scary when you find out you're pregnant sometimes, and so we have lots of different resources that are available to help women along and fill in any gaps that they might be lacking that they need help with," she said.

Johnston says for women who think they may be pregnant, the Fyndout Free Pregnancy Center can be a place to start and gather information specific to their needs.