Fairbanks Food Bank gears up for holiday season, food donations

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With the holidays just around the corner, there is one place in town that's putting in serious hours for the busy days ahead. Just behind the doors of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, the employees and volunteers are sorting, packaging goods for their daily distribution. For 36 years the Food Bank has been helping those in the community bring food to the table.

CEO Anne Weaver spoke about the impact the donations have on the community.

"We often hear stories about when they were kids, they weren't even sure, some of them said that we were struggling, but my parents cried when box of food showed up. Other folks said, we knew we weren't going to have any food and it showed up. Neighbors feeding neighbors, people saw each other and knew there was an issue. What does it mean to them? Sometimes, it's the hope they didn't know they had," Weaver said.

In one day, they can deliver to 60 households and nearly 200 people. She showed us some of the goods that are getting ready to be delivered this afternoon.

"These are foods that we have, that we will be able to share, and it's really fun because each one of these is packed from a volunteer. And so that means that you got people that are coming in that just simply want to make your day better. This is just an amazing time of year. I always giggle that it's all the feel good all pushed into just a few weeks, which is awesome. So we've got volunteers that are packing our normal food boxes, that's our typical daily distribution. We're gearing up for next Wednesday. It's going to be the biggest day of the year at the food bank. We're anticipating providing food to about 2,000 households," she said.

Thanksgiving is easily the biggest time of year for the Fairbanks Food Bank, and one of the busiest days in Fairbanks stores as well. And this weekend is no exception with Friday, Saturday and Sunday being a part of their holiday food drive.

"Every single grocery store in town is just absolutely rocking it. And actually, Costco opens on Tuesday, and so they are doing some good stuff with the food bank too. So go shopping, that's the best thing you can do for the Food Bank and include us in your thoughts," she said.