Fairbanks Community Food Bank spreads awareness during May No Child Go Hungry campaign

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) This May, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank (FCFB) has been partnering with businesses and organizations around town to spread awareness of child hunger as part of our May No Child Go Hungry campaign.

The Fairbanks Community Food Bank aims to provide 500 meals a week to children in the community over the summer. (Alex Bengel/KTVF)

According to Anne Weaver, the Chief Executive Officer of the food bank, the May effort, now in its sixth year, is an opportunity to bring attention to the difficulties children in the community can face when the academic year ends and school lunches are no longer an option.

“This food drive right here helps to support us through the next three months as the kids are out of school and don’t have the same resources they would while they’re in school,” she said.

During the summer, the food bank traditionally seeks to provide 250 bags a week to children in the community This year, because of increased need in the community, they are aiming for 500 meals a week, given out at seven distribution sites.

While the need is increasing, FCFB has seen traditional sources of supply running low. “This year has been interesting. Because of the several-month period of kind of everything on lock down and shut down, a lot of the supplies that we typically go into the summer with were depleted," Weaver said.

Meanwhile, summer events like the Tanana Valley State Fair, which could serve as hosts to food drives, face uncertainty.

Weaver attributes the greater need this year to COVID-19 related causes such as higher unemployment and the inability for a child to participate in congregate meals.

According to Weaver, 40 percent of the community members served each year by FCFB programs are children. In addition to providing this food directly, the food bank works with more than 100 agencies around the community including Bread Line, Inc., the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living, the Fairbanks Rescue Mission, Meals on Wheels and Fairbanks Youth Advocates.

Weaver encourages any person or family needing food from FCFB to sign up as soon as possible. Once the food bank identifies the need, they prepare and transfer food to their distribution sites, which serve different areas of town.

The May No Child Go Hungry campaign can be supported at FCFB by donations through their website at webcenter11.com

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