Fairbanks City Council welcomes new members

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Two new council members, along with one incumbent, were sworn into office and welcomed onto the Fairbanks City Council Monday evening.
Kathy Ottersten, June Rogers and Shoshana Kun were officially sworn into office taking an oath to serve the people of Fairbanks.

But before these three elected officials took their oath, council members Joy Huntington and Jonathan Bagwill shared their final moments on the council.

"My mom was basically my second call to ask if she would back me up because I couldn't have done this without her. She spends the night on council nights so that she can take care of my girls and I come home and they're all asleep in my bed, it's so cute but without her saying yes I'm on board this would have not happened at all,” Huntington said during her final comments.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving with each and every one of you, Joy, June, Valerie, Jerry David, I have learned so much from you and I believe we have had great communication, great respect and great balance,” Bagwill added.

After sharing hugs and kisses, Ottersten, Rogers and Kun took their seats as official members of the Fairbanks City Council.
"I look forward to this year, I look forward to really digging into the meat and we've got the budget right now. We have scheduled eight meetings. It's where the rubber is going to hit the road. It's where those services are going to be hashed out,” Ottersten said.

Ottersten has been elected to seat D to serve a one year term, while Kun has been elected to seat A on the council for a three year term.

"I just want to welcome any one that wants to sit down and have a conversation about things that you might be passionate about, whether its snow plowing, whether it is livestock, whatever you as a citizen feel that we need to talk about I'm very open to hearing from you,” Kun said.
Incumbent June Rogers is maintaining her position under seat B for a new three year term.