Fairbanks City Council receives monthly compensation pay

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Just like many other jobs, those serving on the Fairbanks City Council receive payment for their work.
Each member on the council receives a $500 dollar stipend per month, which is budgeted through the general fund. The general fund is made up of a variety of different revenue sources. There are no health or retirement benefits for Council members.
When deciding which areas to fund - including this stipend - the council as a body must approve this fund appropriation.
According to City Clerk Danyielle Snider, the council has received this amount for the last decade, however it could have looked different in the past.
If a council member wanted to change this amount, that alteration would have to be reflected in the Fairbanks general code and the budget from the previous year. To her knowledge, Snider said no member has requested to opt out of this pay.
“No member has ever opted out or requested to opt out since I've City Clerk or in the clerk's office here that I am aware of. If that happened I guess we could take it on a case by case basis and figure out what to do,” she said.
If the budget allows, new council members also attend a two day 'newly elected officials' training to learn the rules and responsibilities of a council member as well as networking and even practicing in a mock meeting. This training is a part of the Alaska Municipal League annual conference in Anchorage each November.