Fairbanks City Council postpones decision on marijuana on-site consumption

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska The Fairbanks City Council held their regular meeting last night opening the door for citizens to voice their thoughts on Ordinance 6101. 6101 is an ordinance that would allow marijuana retails stores and establishments to allow on-site consumption of cannabis in accordance to state law.

25 people shared their thoughts and comments regarding the passing of the ordinance, with 14 who testified in favor, and 11 who are opposed.

After citizens comments the Council deliberated on issues pertaining to onsite consumption, with Council member Shoshana Kun taking the lead on the conversation, being one of the members who introduced the ordinance.

Council Member Jerry Cleworth addressed the council members stating he did not feel comfortable passing the ordinance and feels that they should take more time to re-write the ordinance and put in on the ballot for the people to vote in the upcoming election.

After a short adjournment following council member’s comments, the council voted 4 to 2 to postpone the ordinance till the next meeting that will be held on April 22.