Fairbanks City Council approves 2019 budget

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks City Council passed its 2019 operating and capital budgets Monday evening.
Councilmember Jerry Cleworth put forth an amendment to the budget to remove $3,000 dollars in travel funds for city council members, but that was ultimately voted down.
The budget was passed by all expect for Cleworth, who stated he could not agree with the council accepting a grant that funds additional firefighters, as the financial burden would fall on the council after the grant expires... to the tune of $450,000 dollars.
Councilman David Pruhs reacted to the budget process, "There's no budget that will ever be perfect, you try and get through it, and when you're done, you want to fund everything you can, but you can't,” he said.
The Fairbanks City Council is now on a break until January 7th.