Fairbanks Biologist Jimmy Fox Hosts 'Restoring Right To Clean Air'

The Northern Alaska Environmental Center held a presentation today at their College Road location on what they call 'restoring the right to clean air' in Fairbanks.

Local biologist, Jimmy Fox, gave the presentation, speaking on the current status of the air quality in the interior, and what the community is doing to help solve the issue.

He explained what particulate matter is and where is comes from, saying it's mostly caused by forest fires and wood stove burning.

Fox even showed what PM 2.5 looks like in a body, and explained that the microscopic particulate can actually cut your insides as it travels through your body.

He hopes to create a conversation with the community to help find a solution on how to better air quality in the Interior.

"My hope is that we can work together as a community and we see ourselves as members of the same human tribe and I think that we all have hopes and aspirations.
We'll get there faster if we do the hard work of listening and communicating and not pushing those solutions off on our government.
We are the government, we are the people, we are the government and we need to own the problem and we need to work together on the solutions.
I want to work with others, I want to talk with others and I want to listen to what people have to say."