FWW soldiers and spouses walk at joint college commencement

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Family, friends and those from the Fort Wainwright community gathered to give these graduates the full commencement experience.

Pictured about are the graduates along with distinguished guests.

"Many of our soldiers do not have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies because they are deployed or moving from place to place, but here at Fort Wainwright, we allow them the opportunity to participate so that their families and friends can support them and celebrate along with them for the accomplishments they've had," said Education Services Specialist at Fort Wainwright, Gearldine Tuck.

Tuck says its an honor to watch these graduates receive their diplomas. "You feel like hey this is what it's all about, to see that they have finished their accomplishments that they've had, finished the goals they've had, and that we've had a part in it to help them along."

One graduate, Major Zachary Peterson, said finishing his masters degree was a big relief. "I finished just before Christmas of 2018, and it was just sort of like alright I can breathe again, and when I came home, I didn't know what to do for a few nights, cause I was so used to kinda going into the office, and working on schoolwork, so it was great to be able to spend some time and effort again back with my family," said Maj. Zachary Peterson, Exec. Officer, Fort Wainwright Garrison Alaska.