FNSB Parks and Rec takes note, offers new musical playground

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A new playground is giving kids the opportunity to flex not only their muscles but showcase their musical skills as well.
The Tanana Lakes Recreation Area is now home to a new musical playground, which opened just over two weeks ago. The recreation area opened in 2014 and last year Tanana Lakes received over 200,000 visits, which prompted this newest attraction.
According to Park Project Coordinator Brian Charlton, the musical play pieces for this play ground were actually chosen by the public.
“We did a Facebook poll on the Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Rec page trying to decide what the public wanted to see in a new playground,” he said.
In the Facebook poll the community chose a climber as their number one choice with music coming in as a close second so the Borough decided to add both.
Children with a variety of different skills can utilize this play area.
"The new theme in playgrounds is inclusive design so that means anybody with any skill set or any disability can use the playground so this playground has paved parking, paved surfacing and this new playground surfacing that's starting to go in playgrounds country called engineered wood fiber,” he said, “It's also resilient enough to ride a wheel chair across, so you can take wheel chairs and use all of these play pieces but also if you were to fall, it also helps the impact from that."
This park is intended for children age’s five to 12.