FLOT's 'Meet Me in St. Louis' Begins This Friday

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Meet Me in St. Louis opens this Friday at 7 PM on the stage in the Pioneer Park Civic Center.
Meet Me in St. Louis is based on actual historical events that took place in 1904 St. Louis when the World's Fair came to town.
The play centers on the Smith family, described as a well-to-do suburban family comprised of the parents, one son, four daughters, the grandfather, and the maid, trying to navigate everyday life leading up to the opening of the World's Fair.
Without much warning, the father decides to move the family to New York, sending each member into their own mini crisis.
The play follows each character as they try to make sense of their experiences.
Stage Director Mary Catherine Moroney, talked about why FLOT chose this play.
Opening night is Friday October 6th and the play runs through this weekend, as well as next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Mary Catherine Moroney; Stage Director>>"I really loved the show, part of why we picked it is, we were just talking about this earlier, and there is something beautiful in Fairbanks about how the community always comes together. They are so supportive of the arts, supportive of Native events, they are supportive of everything going on in the community. And yet people are also still able to live individual lives, and so it is very much the Pioneer feeling, the home-style Pioneer feeling, and it is what I imagine St. Louis felt like in 1903."