FLOT Jr. Bringing 'Mary Poppins' to Life

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The small theater in West Valley will raise the curtain on early twentieth century London in the musical reenactment of P-L Travers' famous story.
The Mary Poppins cast is 30 members strong, ranging in age from 9 years old to seventeen, with the majority of the cast being teenagers.
The show opens April 6th, and will continue its run until April 15th.
The production will then travel to Healy for one show on the 21st.
Katie Witt, who plays Jane Banks, has been in eight FLOT Junior performances, but says this show is her favorite so far.
Samantha Stark, who plays Poppins, is no stranger to the stage either, and says playing the lead is scary, but fun.
And newcomer to theater, Mark Boswell, is nervous, but excited to play George Banks.

Katie Witt; Jane Banks >> "I've never been, like, a lead role before in one of the big shows before. So that's it. And I feel like everyone is super kind and the music is great and the dancing is awesome."

Samantha Stark; Mary Poppins >> "I have done supporting roles before, in ELF, it was a bigger role than I have done before, but this is the first main lead role I have ever had and it was kind of scary but it has been very fun, I really like it."

Mark Boswell; George Banks >> "When I got offered the role for George Banks I was a little nervous at first I'll be honest but, it is always good to conquer your fears and I have always had a particular fear of stage fright, so I am trying to conquer that."