FLOT Getting in the Holiday Spirit with 'Elf Jr.'

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Buddy the Elf has made his way to Fairbanks.
The junior production of Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre, also known as 'FLOT', has gathered all the little elves in the interior to bring "ELF JR - The Musical" to life.
This is the first time that FLOT has produced ELF JR.
Director of FLOT Jr, Jennifer Wienke, says that audience members can expect to see a condensed script edited for kids.
For lead actor Samantha Stark, this is her first time playing a lead role; and Connor Haroldson, who's playing Buddy the Elf, says this was a fun challenge.

Samantha Stark; Playing 'Jovie'>>"It's been really great. I really like this character and has been really fun and I've never really had a big part so it's been really cool to try that out. It's really cool but kind of scary too but I just worked really hard on memorizing the lines and it's not as hard as I thought it would be."

Connor Haroldson; Playing 'Buddy the Elf'>>"I really like the movie. It was really funny and Will Farrell is one of my favorite actors of all time. It feels really great honestly but there's also a level of stress because 189 lines is not easy to memorize."

The DeWilde Theatre at West Valley High School will be the place for FLOT'S Christmas cheer.
Opening night is this Friday at 7.
For more Information: www.flot.org/flot-jr