FDA's 'Christmas Carol' Puts Modern Spin on Classic Play

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is returning to Fairbanks, with a modern twist.
The Fairbanks Drama Association will open its production of "A Christmas Carol" this Friday at the Hap Ryder Riverfront Theater.
Dickens' tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and his journey to enlightenment was first published in 18-3.
However, in 2017, the play will be transformed into a modern portrayal with simplified set design and costumes.
The play only has 9 cast members, with more than half under the age of 18.
Although the play will still follow Dickens' original story, Director, Andrew Cassel, says this production of "A Christmas Carol" will be anything but traditional.

Andrew Cassel; Director - A Christmas Carol>>"The best part about this production was showing the story of A Christmas Carol in a way that Fairbanks has never seen before. The show has been produced many, many times here at the Fairbanks Drama Association it's been produced several times with this very script. But we're doing something very different with it. We stripped out of all the normal settings, all the normal set pieces. We're using nine boxes and nine performers to be all of the places, and to be all of the characters in this epic sprawling tale that covers space and time. So it's really, really exciting, very theatrical telling of A Christmas Carol."

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