FCC Locked Down Following Inmate Riot

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Fairbanks Correctional Facility went into lockdown on Thursday after a disturbance broke out in A-Wing.

Around 12 PM, the Fairbanks Police Department and Alaska State Troopers received a disturbance report and responded to FCC, blocking off Wilbur Street from Airport Way to Davis Road while officers secured the scene.

The area was locked down for about an hour as ambulances, law enforcement, and tactical officers arrived to the jail
According to Captain Ron Wall, there were no significant injuries to staff members, and no extensive damage to the facilities.
Wall says charges are pending against the inmates responsible for the incident.

"There was a disturbance in A wing and through assistance of the Fairbanks Police Department and the Troopers, the scenes was secured from the outside, the facility was secured, at no time was there a breach of the facility. And the corrections officers' team that is trained to do this, resolved the situation with the assistance of support members from the Alaska State Troopers Special Emergency Reaction Team. The situation is under control, all personnel have been secured, and the investigation is continuing because there will be numerous charges for Riot, Assault, and so forth."