FAI expands no smoking policy, a $50 fine to those who don't comply

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks International Airport has expanded its no smoking policy. With the new Alaska state law prohibiting smoking in all workplaces, FAI has modified its current policy to comply with this law.
This new law went into effective Oct. 1, 2018. Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, vaping, vape-pens, cigars, pipes and other oral smoking devices that contain tobacco or marijuana, are all prohibited.
The terminal — as well as taxis, buses, shuttles, sidewalks, rest areas, and all parking lots — are now completely smoke free.
If travelers wish to smoke, they must do so in the two designated smoking areas located outside the terminal. According to a press release from the airport, signage is provided to aid the public, non-English speakers and unfamiliar travelers with the new policy.
Airport Operations Superintendent, Melissa Osborn, explained that it's all about providing a clean and healthy environment for airport employees and the public.
"Fairbanks International Airport desires to provide a clean, healthy environment for our employees, our community and the traveling public. Initially our goal is really education and outreach. As an airport we want to make sure that everyone knows that this is the new law and it requires some changes from people who are used to smoking in locations where either we haven't been able to enforce or we're going to be stepping up enforcement so we'll be mostly focusing on education,” she said.
Passengers can also expect to see more airport police and fire personnel out to enforce this no smoking policy.
Those who do not comply with this new state law, and choose instead to smoke outside of the designated areas, will be subject to a $50 dollar fine. Those in violation of this policy can be reported to the Airport Communications Center at 907-474-2530 and complaints may also be filed at smokefree.alaska.gov.
FAI's Operational Orders have been updated and can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/2ziOloB