Explore Fairbanks holds annual tourism job fair

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Explore Fairbanks hosted its third annual tourism job fair Wednesday at the Westmark Hotel.

There were around 15 employers who were actively hiring at the event.

Deb Hickok, the president and CEO of Explore Fairbanks, says they had a steady flow of people, and are happy with the turnout.

Earlier in the day, Explore Fairbanks held its 12th annual 'interior tourism conference' - which they describe as an educational conference for people in the tourism industry.

Even though the job fair is over, Hickok says people can still find tourism jobs around Fairbanks.

"We have a job site on the Explore Fairbanks websites, so if you go to explorefairbanks.com/employment, many employers are listed there and you have to click through to their own sites. You have to hunt a little but it's a very robust site, one stop shopping," she said.