Explore Fairbanks Job Fair Offers Year Round Employment Opportunities

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - From tours of the northern lights, to activities under the Midnight Sun, the tourism industry in Fairbanks is one of the leading employers next to military and construction.

With roughly 7–thousand jobs in the visitor industry, those looking for employment opportunities in this field — as well as those looking to hire — will have a place to meet at the 'Explore Fairbanks Tourism Job Fair' taking place this Wednesday, January 23rd. Kathy Hedges Works with the Alaska Travel Industry Association.

She says vendors from the industry will be there to meet with registrants to answer any questions on what it takes to work in customer service, be a tour guide, and other aspects of working in the tourism field.

"These are positions that are in the Interior. Many people often times mistakenly think that the visitor industry is very much seasonal and not a career opportunity for you, but these are positions that are based here in Fairbanks, and I'm aware of and talking to some of the employers that will be present, these are year round positons that are in Fairbanks a person can then stay in Fairbanks and be in the visitor industry." Said Hedges

The Job fair will take place Wednesday January 23 from 3:45 to 6 P-M in the Gold Room at the West mark Fairbanks Hotel.