Ester parade shows off their independent spirit and colorful personalities

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Tucked in the hills, on the outskirts of town, is the small community of Ester. Today, 'Esterites' showed off their independent spirit and colorful personalities at the annual Fourth of July parade.
Fire fighters, bag pipes and old fashion cars, the Ester parade brings out the neighborhood for a rather informal but spirited celebration. Ester is known for its free spirits and creative souls. As tradition, people threw radishes and the folk school dressed up as chickens. And of course Uncle Sam and Abigail Adams came out to celebrate our nation's birthday.
Going along with the old timey atmosphere, one couple came out to represent Ester's gold mining days. And it wouldn't be the Ester parade without Fairbanks' Red Hackle Pipe Band.
But one of the most notable traditions is the roar of the fire truck.
With a small town vibe and big personalities the Ester parade is a summer time family staple.

"It's a cultural event. You know, only Esterites can put on the best parade around Fairbanks because it's unique," said local resident, David Hamilton.