Energy Secretary Promises Efficient Permitting for Potential Alaska Gas Line

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Bill Walker's administration is optimistic about the prospects of a natural gas line financed by China that could develop Alaska's North Slope natural gas.
When and if the project advances to federal permitting, energy secretary Rick Perry says he doesn't see roadblocks in the project's way.
He says he's trying to streamline the permitting process so projects like Alaska's don't get caught up in politics and red tape.

Rick Perry; U.S. Energy Secretary>>"Permit by rule. Here are the rules, when you meet the rules, here is your permit. It should be that simple. It should be that straight forward. Not 'we're going to sit on it for a while because we have some political consideration.' We have seen too many times whether it it's a corp of engineers or the EPA or some other agency of government, sitting on permits because they philosophically or politically had an issue with where you were trying to go."