Empty Bowls Fundraiser Brings in More Than $20,000 for Food Bank

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Over the weekend, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank held one of its signature fundraisers - partnering with the Potters' Guild, and the U-A-F Student Ceramics Art Guild.
The 27th Empty Bowls event started at 11, with people lining up outside the door of the non-profit as early as 10 in the morning.
Volunteers from the Quota Club provided hospitality in the form of sharing cookies and refreshments.
In addition to bowls for purchase, there was a silent auction for items made of glass, wood, and other materials... which is a more recent addition to the almost three decade old event.
At the end of the day, pottery enthusiasts helped raise over 20-thousand dollars.
Co-founder of the fundraiser, Stan Zielinkski (ZEH-*LIN-SKEE), says the concept of empty bowls is not a new one, but is relevant for Fairbanks; while President of the S-C-A-G, Erin Krogstad (*KRAWG-STED) commented on how the students were affected by donating their creations.

Stan Zielinski; Co-Founder of Empty Bowls >> "We don't want anybody to have an empty bowl. And there are a lot of hungry people in and around Fairbanks, believe it or not. And there is a reoccurring need for people who need some temporary support. It isn't a permanent thing for whoever does get food. It just fills an immediate need, and low and behold, we're...the food bank will provide that."

Erin Krogstad; Pres., Student Ceramics Art Guild >> "I think it's a really positive thing for them. It's cool to see when people drop off their bowls, they're like, oh my gosh, the whole community's here. This is a really big event, bigger than you would think it would be. But it's cool to see that your work is doing something for other people. It's definitely cool."