Elementary School's New Name Prompts New Logo

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With school well underway, Badger Road area students have seen some changes this year.
Formerly known as Badger Road Elementary, this school in North Pole has a new name.
The Badger Road Brown bears are now the 'Midnight Sun' Brown bears.
After various meetings with school district administration, the elementary school's title was changed based on the history of the Badger name.
Students now get the chance to be a part of the new logo design for their school.
This Thursday evening, the school orchestra will perform the school song, including the new school name, and then voting on the new logo design will begin.
Principal at Midnight Sun Elementary, Joanne Van-flet-er-en, says the name change is a great way for students to get involved with their school.
Principal Joanne Vanfleteren; Midnight Sun Elementary School>>"Kids are so flexible. Last year, six months ago or so when the name change went into effect, we told them then and their parents helped us out with changing our name, and when you come back we will be Midnight Sun and they just went with it. I don't think to the students it was ever an issue. I know there was some community members that had concerns but it's moving forward and we're just celebrating who we are. We're still the Brown Bears. We're making it fun with a new logo and it will be on the t-shirts that PTA gets. We're the same folks, the same great people, just with a new name."