Electrical lineman given a hero’s welcome

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Darrel Laird has been an electrical lineman for over 20 years. On December 14th everything changed.

Darrel was around 50 feet up a power pole when he came in contact with an energized power line.

12,470 volts of electricity shot through his body, knocking him unconscious.

The other linemen on his crew brought him to the ground and performed life support, saving him.

The accident didn't affect his eyes, brain or other organs but it did badly burn his right arm, resulting in it being amputated.

A fundraiser was set up the day after the accident to help his family and has raised over $50,000.

Morgan Clay, a friend of the family says that she got a text last night from Angie, Darrel's girlfriends, saying they were coming home today.

She got on the phone and rallied the troops to give him a proper welcome home.

Crews from around town brought their trucks with booms raised to show their support.

One truck even had a giant American flag.

Linemen in hardhats stood along the road, waiting to welcome a brother back.

"I think we have, I don't even know how many crews out here, probably three or four. So they all have their bucket trucks and it's our bucket truck salute to Darrel." Morgan said.

Darrel and his family had no idea they were doing this. They drove by slowly while Darrel waved his new arm out the window.