Eielson Ravens will keep their team; Co-op with North Pole called off

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska The Eielson Ravens will keep their team, after Head Coach David DeVaughn announced at the Region VI meeting today that they will not be co-oping with the North Pole Patriots. This decision comes after weeks of speculation with Eielson possibly joining forces with North Pole when it was brought before the board in mid-April.

DeVaughn said that at the meetings they got 16 players to join the program, which is close to his target of 17. Even if North Pole and Eielson had gone forward with their plan to combine, ASAA would have had to approve the co-op of a 3A and 4A team. The defending champs now look to the offseason in preparation for Division III football. The Delta Junction Huskies also offered assistance of some players, but that would also require approval from the board of directors.