Dunleavy Reveals State Budget Proposal

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Dunleavy released his proposed state budget early this morning.
Although lawmakers and budget experts are still wading through the plan, many programs and services are slated to be cut.
The proposal suggests a reduction in per–student school spending, reductions in Medicaid, and would cut the budget for the University system by half... among other spending reductions.
Dunleavy says Alaskans should have expected this type of budget when they voted him into office in November.

Dunleavy was asked, "Do you think Alaskans knew they would see a budget like this when they voted in November?"

He responded, "I do. I think they expected a budget like this. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be bold here for a moment, I think everyone in this room knows we have to get our fiscal house in order, and I think everyone in this room and in this state realizes that there's going to be sacrifices across the board, and that this has gone on too long and that it's got to stop.”