Don Young's Push For Puerto Rico Statehood Is Similar To Alaska's

"We would like to thank all of those who are receiving these results."

Puerto Rico Governor Ricky Rossello sharing the results of Sunday's plebiscite vote.
Where Puerto Rican's went to the polls to decide if they want the territory to become the next star on the United States flag.

He says the Puerto Rico people have spoken.

"The people of Puerto Rico have expressed their preference and they want this territorial status to end and they want to become and we want to become the 51st state of the nation."

Joining the governor, Alaska a Congressman Don Young who was on the island for the vote.

He says he's one of the first supporters of statehood in Congress.

"I've been involved in this issue since 1996. I had the first vote on the floor of the House, passed by one vote. But it's time we stopped colonizing Puerto Rico."

"The governor is highlighting to members of the press here at the National Press Club in Washington DC that this is the time to make the change and that this was the choice of a majority of the Puerto Rico people. But some back on the Island disagree."

"Being part of the union has to be a two way decision it's not just the decision of one group."

Hector Ferrer, President of the Popular Democratic Party, says the plebiscite vote only revealed results from one side of the issue.
His group and many others boycotted the vote Sunday to show their disapproval of the move.

Ferrer says he's doubtful any progress is going to be made in Washington.

"It's not going to happen."

Now the people of Puerto Rico wait to see what Congress decides.