Dogs Primped and Prepared for Alaska Dog Show

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Well-groomed and well behaved dogs pranced around the fairgrounds today at the annual dog show.
Lots of sniffs and kisses to go around.
Strutting their stuff and showing off their skills to the judges.
Dogs were primped and prepared for the show.
One winner told us it takes a lot to get your dog ready, especially if you have a squirm-ish, playful canine.
Judges place dogs based on their textbook standard - which includes mental and physical characteristics, and basic obedience...
All looking for the 'best in show.'
"I'm working towards going to one of the biggest dog shows in America right now. I went to one of them last year, which it was pretty fun to do. I didn't get to bring her but this year I might be able to bring the rottie with," said Samantha Elliot, Competitor/Winner.
This is one of the many dog shows in Alaska.
They'll have another in Anchorage June 23rd and 24th.