Dodge, LeBon still tied after election certification

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaska's General Election has now been certified and the race for State House District 1 between candidates Bart LeBon and Kathryn Dodge is still a tie. The Division of Elections in Juneau held a media teleconference for an update on the current status of the District 1 seat. There is one ballot marked for Dodge awaiting a determination by the state review board as to whether or not it should count. Josie Bahnke, Director of Division of Elections in Alaska, explained how it is possible this ballot could be unaccounted for.

Bahnke said, "We're trying to identify what type of ballot it was and kind of what happened at the precinct on election day. The ballot was found by an election worker on the table in a grey secrecy sleeve, we're just trying to take the time to due diligence before we count it."

There will be an automatic recount Friday, November 30 and any absentee ballots that are received before the end of the recount will be counted. On Friday, they will determine whether this ballot-in-question will count or not.

If the Division of Elections determines it will count, Kathryn Dodge will be up by one vote. If they decide it shouldn't count, even after the recount, there will be a coin flip or other 'method of chance' to decide the winner.