Documentary On Impact Of Suicide In Alaska Native Communities Premiers Tuesday Night

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Premiering nationally on PBS World today and later on this week is a three-year documentary film that re-frames the impacts of suicide in Alaska Native communities.

"We Breathe Again" is a film that shares the stories of four Alaska Native individuals who struggled to overcome thoughts of suicide and inter-generational trauma.

Over 300 hours of film footage was converted into a one-hour documentary.

"We Breathe Again" will premiere Tuesday night at 8 pm on "American ReFramed" which is on PBS's World Channel.

For those who miss the premiere, the film will be shown again throughout the week.

You can visit for a detailed schedule of when the film will be airing.

Evon Peter, who is the Vice Chancellor for the Rural, Community, and Native Education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, says he hopes the film reaches out to a wide spectrum of people.

"It was incredible courage that came from each of those individuals who shared some of their story how they had been personally impacted by the issue of suicide. But really one of the most important parts I think of the film is that they share about their story of healing. How did they navigate through some of the real challenging emotions that you have to work through when you have been impacted in one way or another by the issue of suicide? And so really hope that the film serves as a healing tool for others who may have experienced the impacts of suicide or inter-generational trauma themselves."