Death row inmate shares his story with Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Members of the community gathered at the JP Jones community center Thursday night to hear from an Arkansas man who is on death row. The event was hosted by the Alaska Peace Center.

Kenny Reams was sentenced to death row for his involvement in a robbery that ended in murder in 1993. Reams admits to taking part in the robbery but claims that he should not be on death row. According to Reams, his accomplice in the crime pulled the trigger and is currently serving life without parole. Reams chose to take his case to trial and the prosecution said he pulled the trigger.

Reams has started a nonprofit from prison that seeks to inform people about death row through the medium of art. Two pieces of Reams art was auctioned off at the event and raised $550 for his organization. Reams spoke at the event telephonically about what it is like being in solitary confinement.

"Imagine a parking space; it is no bigger than that square space that you can park your vehicle in. That's all the room that you have to roam. You cannot step out of that boundary at all. You are forced to stay in this spot day in day out. Mind you all again, I have been in this space for 25 years. I am only allowed out of my cell one hour Monday through Friday, one hour only and that is for outside recreation," Reams said.