Day 4 update from sexual abuse trial; jury deliberating

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska The trial for Mark King, a man accused of sexual abuse of a minor continued for the forth day.

Jurors spent the morning watching video interviews of the victims and listening to recorded calls of a glass wire served on King. After testimony was finished, each side gave their closing arguments.

Defense attorney Gary Stapp addressed the state's charges and tried to build doubt in the jurors mind. He claimed that their witnesses where not trustworthy and had been caught in lies. Stapp said the state had failed to reach the burden of proof to prove King guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Stapp told the jury that they should return a guilty verdict because his client wasn't guilty.

"I think it was Benjamin Franklin actually, I went back and looked it up, who said it's much better, this is our system, for an hundred guilty people to go free than to wrongfully convict an innocent man, and that is what Mark King is," Stapp said.

Stapp made the analogy of the state needing to start with a blank piece of paper and then fill it up with all of the evidence that shows King is guilty. The state then took him up on his challenge, getting a large piece of paper and filling it with their witness testimony and physical evidence. Lead prosecutor, Risa Leonard, told the jury, "after reviewing the elements and reviewing the testimony, you will see that that white piece of paper has been filled."

She then told the jury there is enough evidence to support a guilty verdict.

Now, King's fate is in the hands of 12 jurors. The earliest they will return a verdict will be Monday.

We will have the have more once a verdict is delivered.