Day 3: Renfro blames accomplices in testimony over death of David Grunwald

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FAIRBANKS (KTUU) At the end of the third day of Bradley Renfro defending himself and his involvement with the murder of David Grunwald, the only person to have asked him any questions so far is his defense attorney, Chris Provost.

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On Friday in Fairbanks, Renfro continued telling his story in which he is a scared teenager involved with the wrong people.

Grunwald was nearly beaten to death with a pistol then shot and killed on the night of November 13, 2016. Four teenagers are said to be involved including Renfro. The others are Erick Almandinger, Dominic Johnson, and Austin Barrett.

Almandinger and Johnson have already been convicted in this case.

In court, Renfro continued to deny that he wanted to kill Grunwald, but said he was too afraid to do anything about his friends’ actions out of fear.

He brought up numerous times that Austin Barrett had threatened him with his life, an action apparently supported by people like Johnson and Almandinger.

Provost has spent a lot of time so far on going through Renfro’s story and clarifying discrepancy in police interviews. Renfro said he lied about things like telling the police the beating and murder was all Almandinger’s idea, and that Almandinger held Johnson and himself up at gunpoint to follow through with the events of the murder.

According to Renfro, he lied about those things because Barrett was threatening to kill him.

Provost set up a map of the area marking the places where the teens had been the night of the murder.

Here, Renfro talked about how he wanted to take Grunwald to Coal Hills.

“Austin said that was a stupid idea,” Renfro said, “because there might be a lot of people there. That’s why I wanted to go up there, pretty much that reason.”

So they redirected to the Butte area. At the testimony, Renfro talked more about how frightening Barrett was being.

According to Renfro, when Grunwald was in the back seat, he asked to be taken to a certain house he knew had a safe in it. He suggested to his kidnappers that they leave him there and rob the man of his safe.

That’s when Barrett started talking more according to Renfro.

“That was the first time he really said anything,” Renfro said. “He said, ‘you’re really not – you really can’t go home. You know too much,’ and that’s when he said, ‘I’m gonna do this.’”

According to the police interviews and Renfro’s testimony, Renfro was trying to cover for Barrett more than the others, again, because of threats to kill him.

Moments before the court let out for the weekend, Provost began to question Renfro more on Barrett before getting cut short.

The testimony picks up again on Monday.

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